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Chapter 4. First Model – Nutrient-limited Growth

Chapter 5. A Simple Predator – Prey Model

Chapter 6. Logistic and Lotka – Volterra Models

Chapter 7. Changing the Environment – using Dilutions (including a simulation of Harvesting)

Chapter 8. Density Dependence – Light Limitation and Self-Shading

Chapter 9. Describing Light

Chapter 10. Pond Life

Chapter 11. Closure

Chapter 12. A Classic Nutrient – Phytoplankton – Zooplankton Model

Chapter 15. Variable Stoichiometry – Building a Simple C:N-based Phytoplankton Model

Chapter 16. Variable Stoichiometric Predator – Prey Interactions

Chapter 17. Food Web Interactions: Allometry & Prey Selection

*Visit to explore options. The smaller models will run under the free platform “Studio 10 Express”. For further advice on Studio 10, contact the author (see book Preface).