Manuals, Guides & Educational Resources

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Mitra A, Gypens N, Hansen PJ, Flynn KJ, Pitta P, Not F et al. (2021). A guide for field studies and environmental monitoring of mixoplankton populations. Zenodo.

Flynn KJ, Mitra A. (2021) Simple N-based Mixoplankton Model. Zenodo
Free downloadable version of model is available at:

Hansen PJ, Flynn KJ, Mitra A, Calbet A, Saiz E, Pitta P et al. (2022). A Manual For Isolation And Culture Of Mixoplankton To Support Experimental Studies. Zenodo.

Anestis K, Mansour JS, Maselli M, Hansen PJ, Not F, John U. (2022). Interpretative toolkit to enable the use of genomic data aligned with physiological status for representative mixoplankton. Zenodo.

Traboni C, Mansour JS. (2022). MixITiN field techniques training on RV Philia. Zenodo.

Mitra A, Flynn KJ, Gypens N, Pitta P, Hansen PJ et al. (2021). Seasonal Distribution Of Non-Constitutive Mixoplankton Across Arctic, Temperate And Mediterranean Coastal Waters. Zenodo.

EU Research (AUT21/P37) spoke to Dr Aditee Mitra and Dr Xabier Irigoien about how the MSCA-ITN MixITiN has been bringing marine ecology into the 21st century, work which holds important implications for ocean health and policies in this UN Ocean Decade.