Living with the Perfect Beast

Living with the “Perfect Beast”; establishing MixoHUB, a centre of excellence for mixoplankton research (2020 – 2023)

This £0.5 M project is funded by the European Commission via the European Regional Development Fund and the Welsh Government’s Sêr Cymru programme. Dr Aditee Mitra is the PI of this project.

The vision of this project is to build an internationally renowned cross-disciplinary group in Wales – MixoHUB – to undertake end-to-end research focussed on understanding and utilising the mixoplankton centric paradigm in marine ecology to support a range of environmental and societal issues. The project researches the mixoplankton paradigm for how we might better understand ecological functionality across 2/3rds of Earth.

This project employed three postdoctoral researchers.

Dr Angela Pelusi
Dr Helen Powley

Dr Molly James

The funds have also supported procurement of equipment to enable establishment of the MixoHUB at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences in Cardiff University.