Maira Maselli, MixITiN ESR7

About Me

I obtained my bachelor’s degree and MSc from the Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II (Italy). I grew up on an island in the Tyhrrenian sea from where I moved at the beginning of my studies. Since then I took every opportunity to explore new places and satisfy my ever-deepening curiosity, which over time has driven my journey of self-development.
I am based at Københavns Universitet (Denmark).

My Project

Ecophysiology of key species of generalist non-constitutive mixoplankton (GNCM) . I am studying GNCM, specifically focussing on kleptoplastidic ciliates. My research aims at giving a description of the ecological role and physiology of GNCM when submitted to different scenarios. In other words, to investigate their interactions with their surroundings and their responses to changes.

My Supervisors