Andreas Norlin, MixITiN ESR6

About Me

I obtained my bachelor’s degree and MSc from Københavns Universitet (Denmark). My masters degree is in marine biology, where I specialized in protists. After graduating I became intrigued by how computers can be used as a tool for biologists, and taught myself programming in R and Python.
I am based at Cardiff University (UK).

My Project

Life in planktonic greenhouses; a systems dynamics approach – in this project, simulations are run exploring the ecophysiology of  endosymbiotic Specialist Non-Constitutive Mixoplankton (eSNCM). These are protists that harbour living symbionts that can photosynthesize within their single cell. Examples of eSNCM are the ubiquitous Radiolarians, Foraminiferans and also the huge ecosystem disrupting Green Noctiluca .

My Supervisors