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MixITiN PhD Fellowship ESR6 Position:

From Harmful Algal Blooms to climate change indicators; role of mixotrophy

PhD Fellowship between UK-France-The Netherlands

This is a great opportunity for someone to contribute to improving our understanding of how climate change is affecting our oceans and food security. This PhD Fellowship focuses on a specific group of mixotrophic plankton that maintain symbiotic microalgae growing within themselves. These organisms range from harmful algal bloom species (e.g., green Noctiluca) to indicators of climate change (e.g., foraminiferans).

The successful candidate will already possess a Masters in aquatic ecology, and will be registered for a PhD. They will conduct field work under the supervision of Dr Fabrice Not (France) and use these data and understanding to develop new models of these organisms under the supervision of Dr Aditee Mitra (UK). Under the guidance of Dr Willem Stolte (The Netherlands), the candidate will develop environmental management skills at Deltares.

This project is part of the MSCA MixITiN – the largest grant to be ever funded on marine planktonic mixotrophs. As a member of the MixITiN Consortium, the Fellow will attend various workshops across Europe and will be trained on a range of multi-disciplinary skill-sets necessary for the present day marine scientist. These include molecular techniques, field and laboratory experimental techniques, environmental monitoring and management, policy making, media and public engagement, management skills.

Supervisory Team: Dr Aditee Mitra (UK; Primary Supervisor at host institute), Dr Fabrice Not (CNRS France), Dr Willem Stolte (Deltares)

Project title: Life in planktonic greenhouses; a systems dynamics approach

Objectives: ESR6 will explore the ecophysiology of endosymbiotic mixotrophs (eSNCMs) such as Rhizarians and green Noctiluca that operate as planktonic greenhouses. ESR6 will work in close collaboration with ESR4.


E6.S1 Host: UPMC; supervisor Dr Fabrice Not; 2mo in Yr1. Purpose: field data collation.
E6.S2 Host: UPMC; supervisor Dr Fabrice Not; 2mo in Yr2. Purpose: model validation against field data.
E6.S3 Host: Deltares; supervisor Dr Willem Stolte for 3mo in Yr3. Purpose: coastal management regimes and impact on eSNCMs.

For informal enquiries please contact Dr Aditee Mitra.

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