MixITiN Projects

ESR1: Primary supervisor Dr Uwe JOHN
Functional and comparative genomics to study regulatory and metabolic processes in mixotrophs


ESR2: Primary supervisor Prof Per Juel HANSEN
Ecophysiology of key species of constitutive mixotrophs including those contributing to harmful algal blooms (HABs)


ESR3: Primary supervisor Dr Albert CALBET
Top down control of marine protists by mixotrophs


ESR4: Primary supervisor Dr Fabrice NOT
Oceanic Greenhouses


ESR5: Primary supervisor Dr Paraskevi PITTA
Ciliate mixotrophy in the ultra-oligotrophic Eastern Mediterranean


ESR6: Primary supervisor Dr Aditee MITRA
This position is open; to apply please CLICK HERE
From Harmful Algal Blooms to Climate Change Indicators; role of marine planktonic mixotrophs

Project title: Life in planktonic greenhouses; a systems dynamics approach

Objectives: ESR6 will explore the ecophysiology of endosymbiotic mixotrophs (eSNCMs) such as Rhizarians and green Noctiluca that operate as planktonic greenhouses

E6.S1 Host: UPMC; supervisor Dr Not; 2mo in Yr1. Purpose: field data collation.
E6.S2 Host: UPMC; supervisor Dr Not; 2mo in Yr2. Purpose: model validation against field data.
E6.S3 Host: Deltares; supervisor Dr Stolte for 3mo in Yr3. Purpose: coastal management regimes and impact on eSNCMs.


ESR7: Primary supervisor Prof Per Juel HANSEN
Ecophysiology of key species of general non-constitutive mixotrophs (GNCMs)


ESR8: Primary supervisor Prof Kevin FLYNN
Trophodynamics of the cryptophyte-MesodiniumDinophysis complex.

ESR9: Primary supervisor Dr Enric SAIZ
Interactions between mixotrophs and their predators


ESR10: Primary supervisor Dr Nathalie GYPENS
The role of mixotrophy in ecosystem dynamics


ESR11: Primary supervisor Dr Willem STOLTE
Coastal water management under the mixotrophic plankton paradigm